Watermatix - Rain Water Re-use Pump System

Would you like to reduce your mains water consumption by as much as 40%? Think about how much you could save on water bills and water use!

Renewable Water Solution’s Watermatix is a simple-to-install pump system, which can be connected to your appliances, including your toilet, washing machine, and garden taps, to seamlessly deliver rainwater for your everyday needs.

This cleverly designed rainwater harvesting system will never leave you without water – if your tank is empty or low, the Pump Controller will automatically switch back to your mains water supply. Even in the event of a power failure, the pump controller can still provide water for your toilet, and when irrigating the garden, the system can be installed to ensure it doesn’t use precious drinking water.

The most efficient household water saving system on the market today, the Watermatix Pump System is ideal for homes, toilet blocks and sporting facilities.